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About Us

Kiddizone Preschool

 In 2020, a new chapter in our education journey continued with the establishment of Kiddizone Preschool. Think. Reason. Question. Experiment. These are just one of the few skills and qualities that children will develop at Kiddizone Preschool.


Since our founding, we have focused on supporting kids during all transitions throughout their childhoods. We do not concentrate only academically, but we hope to enhance every child's hidden talent and unreachable potential. Every child who comes through our door is treated as unique, which means allowing each child to let his or her personality shine through and develop at their own pace. Our curriculum is balanced so that children are familiar with structure and routine but are still offered plenty of play, activity, and exploration opportunities. Providing children with a stimulating, positive, encouraging, safe, and friendly environment will make them confident in their ability to explore new things, interact, socialise, and learn through unique activities and experiences.

All activities are designed to nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our kids adequately. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are free to develop into bright young minds. Last but not least, we are proud to say that we are a preschool in Batu Caves with an excellent reputation among both state and private schools in preparing children for the next critical stage in their lives. For parents, the most important thing is being able to drop their child or children off here with the peace of mind that their child will be well cared for.

What we believe in

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a warm and productive atmosphere for every child to learn, play and grow, besides considering the aspects of academic and co-curriculum activities. Besides that, this atmosphere at Kiddizone Preschool is where all educators and families feel inspired to work together in a genuine partnership focused on providing a dynamic learning environment to ensure each child realises their full potential. Regardless of race, gender, age, ability, social status or family structure. We value the different gifts that each child brings to our community and embrace the different cultures represented at Kiddizone Preschool. 

Our Mission:

We are commited to:

Equipping our students to excel in school examinations and SPM

(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), etc.

Enhancing the hidden talent and unreachable potential in every child.

Providing a safe, engaging and condusive learning environment.

Adhering to a holistic approach of early childhood, primary and secondary education.

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