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''An investment in knowledge pays the best interest''

-Benjamin Franklin-
The Only President Who Was Never President

Our Programmes

Tuition Classes

Our tuition class isn't ordinary because of its exciting and effective method of imparting knowledge to them. 

For our primary tuition classes, we include languages such as Bahasa Melayu, English and Chinese language. Moreover, Misali Academic Centre also provides Mathematics and Science classes. 

On the other hand, we include the three main languages for our secondary tuition classes. Besides that, we provide Sejarah, Geografi, Mathematics, and Science subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Not only that, Misali Academic Centre teaches Ekonomi and also Account.

Upon completing our classes, students will see that hard work pays off. Every subject will be taught by a knowledgeable teacher with simplified notes to increase their understanding of the syllabus more easily and efficiently. As a result, they will significantly improve their overall academic performance.

Guidance Session for School Homework

What's the advantage of a guidance session for school homework? First, this guidance session ensures that all students can complete their school and tuition homework on time. Apart from that, when students face difficulties with their homework, the teachers in charge will provide a helping hand or assistance.

Public Speaking

Every successful person in the world has one thing in common; they can speak confidently in front of a group, whether it’s a small or large group. 


Misali Academic Centre has emphasised public speaking as it is acknowledged as one of the essential skills in this society. Public speaking plays a significant role in motivating people, developing confidence and expressing messages so that you are heard, acted upon and understood.

Year-end Leadership Camp

The wide range of activities and experiences offered at Misali Academic Centre empowers your child to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new. 


Our conscientious staff and incredible facilities mean everyone gets the chance to exercise their brains and their bodies. Every year, students will have the opportunity to spend their year-end beneficially through their participation in this camp.

Motivational Seminar

A seminar to enhance motivation in students to do better in their examinations and enable them to learn more efficiently. 
With an exceptional group of speakers featuring critical influencers throughout the education industry, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear directly from them to motivate students to learn and behave in ways that promote their long-term success.

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